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We have a team of highly trained professionals who use years of experience as well as the latest research to provide the highest level of support to schools.

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We believe in working together with schools, children and parents so that students have the right support to reach their potential.

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Our unique packages will support you in making a difference. We do this by ensuring our service can provide the correct support for your school.

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Engage Educational Services (EES) is a private limited company.
EES works collaboratively with the Engage Multi-Academy Trust and with our partners.

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Garrick Green Primary


"We have resubscribed due to the excellent level of support that we received last year. We are benefiting again already this term - the support is wide ranging, from observations and classroom support to training for TAs and advice for midday supervisors.  Staff are very approachable and friendly and always willing to have a chat on the phone if we have concerns.  Well worth the money!"

Headteacher - Rebecca Dewing

Reepham Primary

Reepham Primary

"As a new headteacher, I genuinely do not know how I would have managed without the support of the team. Our behaviour strategies are robust and effective for 99.5% of our students, but one child was making me feel like I was failing. I did not know what to do next to support the child or my teachers, but after meeting with the team leader, I had a clear and comprehensive plan of support in place which started the same week. This approach started with group work for the child, moving to outreach support within the classroom. She also recommended referring for SPA sessions, and thinking ahead to gathering evidence for an SRB referral – without this expertise, I would not have understood which of these options would have been suitable. Moreover, the support did not stop here – Engage Educational Services provided whole-staff training on Attachment Disorder from their clinical psychologist, as well as consistent behaviour management training for our team and risk assessment provision for the child. This comprehensive approach has given us the knowledge, understanding and ability to be truly consistent and effective with our behaviour management across the whole school; as a whole staff, we now feel empowered to offer the best support for all of our children."

Headteacher – Reepham Primary

Jane Austen College


"It was good to catch up yesterday and hear about all the great support that our students and staff are going to be able to access."

Foulsham Primary


"We have subscribed to and I have worked with Engage Educational Services child support team (CST) closely since undertaking my current roll as head at Foulsham Primary. The CST have supported us greatly with their skilled advisory team and the out-reach work, professional support, risk assessments, training and advice they have offered us. We enjoy a high-quality of professional dialogue with them which provides support, comradery and reassurance which is vital when working through the sorts of challenges for which the CST are there to advise and support with. Ultimately, the CST has become an invaluable part of our behaviour management procedures. They have had significant impact on outcomes here at Foulsham and been a huge part of the holistic support which we pride ourselves on being able to offer to our families.  We cannot recommend them enough; they are a vital service for any school."

Headteacher – Foulsham Primary

St Johns Community Primary & Nursery


"The Child Support Service has provided my school with consistent, reliable support for many years. Recently the team have worked with a pupil on the cusp of exclusion and thanks to the collaborative partnership working with the school the pupil is now fully engaged in his learning and is accessing all areas of school life. The team provided the school with entry and exit data and were always available to discuss strategies. The team leader has been an asset to our school liaising with alternative provision to ensure children are placed in the best possible setting to meet their needs. At a time when education is forever changing it is reassuring to know we have outstanding support available through this service. Thank you."

Headteacher - Rebecca Quinn

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