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About EES

These are times of great change in our education community and times of great challenge. Schools of all types are faced with new, and sometimes daunting, opportunities and possibilities to provide the best service to their children.

This is why our service continually adapts to meet these challenges. It could be that your school needs support with one child or a group of students, you may require support with a behaviour audit or safe guarding training, or it could be you need cover for classroom assistants or teachers, if so we have the right people for you.

We believe in working together with schools, children and parents so that students have the right support to reach their potential, and that schools are supported to achieve theirs.

Engage Educational Services was launched by the Engage Academy Trust to support young people and schools across Norfolk and the East of England.  We aim to provide high quality services based on a thorough understanding of your needs and the needs of the young people in your care.

Our Values

  • People-focused – wellbeing is at the heart of what we do and how we support our young people, customers and colleagues
  • Dedication - to providing an outstanding service. Committing to the development of all staff enables us to achieve more
  • Respect - we care for, value and listen to colleagues, customers and partners
  • Collaboration - working together and in partnership to achieve more
  • Integrity - building trust between each other and in what we do
  • Open-mindedness - willingness to listen and respect others’ opinions, beliefs and views

Our Mission

To be the respected and influential champion for the wellbeing of young people.

Our Vision

To support schools, young people and their families to overcome the challenges they face in reaching their potential.

We do this by:

  • ensuring all schools have the support they need to achieve their vision;
  • accepting that all children and young people have the right to be healthy, happy and safe, to be loved and respected and to have high aspirations for their future;
  • understanding that the children and young people we work with need appropriate support to successfully progress and reach their potential;
  • recognising that their successful progress benefits the young people themselves foremost, and their schools, communities, families and society as a whole.

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